Frequently Asked Questions


  • Millennial Esports is the premier online video game tournament platform that delivers engaging digital content, tournaments, broadcasts and exciting interactive experiences directly to fans at home around the globe.

  • eSports is competitive play of video games, online or through live events.

  • Registration is fast, easy & FREE! Click here to sign up!

  • Millennial Esports supports games for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC. Visit the Games Page to see our current list of games to compete in.

  • Yes. Millennial Esports will not share your information with any 3rd party unless authorized by you.

  • You can deposit on Millennial Esports with the following options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

  • Achievements are medals you receive when you’ve met a predetermined amount of wins or completed specific challenges throughout the website.

  • All registered account holders must be at least 13 years of age to play for free or non-prizing tournaments on Millennial Esports. In order to play for cash, you must be at least 18 years of age. Please note that geographic restrictions may apply depending on the laws of your state, province or country. Please read and understand our full list of Terms & Conditions.


  • Premium members accumulate points at a much faster rate and gain access to a wider assortment of prizes, so rewarding yourself will be that much easier. Premium Members will also get support and match disputes put into a priority list. To learn all the benefits click here.

  • The price of a 1-month premium membership is $5 while a full year membership costs $40, a savings of $20 per year!


  • You can compete in any of our Ladders and or Tournaments.

  • Everyone starts with an equal point value. Teams must play and win matches to gain ladder points and move up the ladder. The more points the team accumulates, the higher up the ladder they will be. At the end of the season (typically 3-months), the top 16 or 32 teams are put into a single elimination tournament to determine that season’s champion.

  • Ladder rankings are based on a system of Ladder Points (LP). With every win, LP is gained. With every loss, LP is deducted. The team with the highest amount of cumulative LP holds the top spot. The amount of LP awarded per match is determined by your opponent's rank. For example, defeating a higher-ranked opponent will result in a larger amount of gained LP. Bonus LP is also awarded for the first match you play each day.

  • As many matches can be played as you like within the allotted time span of the ladder.

  • No. You can only enter 1 team in a specific ladder.

  • Yes! You can play in multiple ladders and game types.

  • When creating or editing a team, if you choose to select the "Auto renew team next season" checkbox, your team will be auto joined to the next seasons ladder with all of its currently accepted members when the new ladders come online.


  • Our tournaments are held in a bracket style as single elimination. Your matches and opponents will be pre-scheduled at specific time and date. The winner proceeds in the bracket while the loser is either knocked out or sent to the losers bracket.

  • Tournaments specific to the game you play will be on their respective game pages. Once you have found a tournament you would like to join, simply hit the ‘Join this Tournament’ button. You will then be prompted to create your team and invite your friends.

  • Prizes vary from tournament to tournament. Check the tournaments page for details on prizing.


  • Millennial Esports points are reward points for competitors that can be redeemed for prizes in the Pro Shop.

  • Points can be accumulated in many ways, but are mainly rewarded each time you compete in a Millennial Esports match. The more you play, the more points you accumulate.

  • When you visit the Pro Shop, an assortment of prizes will be pictured with a price tag in cash and in points. You can purchase these prizes simply by paying for them, or if you have enough points, you can use them to purchase the prize. Simply click on the prize and select whether you would like to pay cash, or use your points.


  • By winning of course. You can also increase your skill level quicker by defeating teams ranked higher than you.

  • Your Skill Level represents the level at which our system rates your gaming ability. Level 1 being the lowest and level 50 being the highest.


  • Achievements are medals you receive when you’ve met a predetermined amount of wins or completed specific challenges through the website.


  • Creating a team is fast and easy. Once you have found a ladder or tournament you would like to participate in, simply join and agree to the rules. You will then be prompted to create your team. After entering your team name and information, just invite your friends to your team and you’re ready to start playing!

  • Depending on the Ladder or tournament teams can consist of anywhere between 1 and 12 players.

  • Only the Captain or Co-Captain can cut a player from their team. This is done from the team page where you select “demote” under the specific players name. A Captain can cut a Co-Captain, but a Co-Captain cannot cut a Captain.

  • Captains and Co-Captains are the leaders of their respected teams. They are the ones who must sign up for matches, report wins/losses, set rosters, recruit new team members, and cut team members.

  • A Captain can disband the team and demote a Co-Captain, but a Co-Captain cannot disband the team or demote a Captain.

  • If you don’t have a full team you can still enter one of our singles tournaments and ladders for select games. For some tournaments and ladders, in order to compete, you will need to have a full team.


  • The My Team widget allows you to easily see all of your teams you are currently participating in. This allows you to get to your team and game page faster than ever before. The My Team widget will also display notifications relating to your specific teams.

  • The profile widget is all about you. You’ll be able to see your win/ loss percentage, Points, Site Rank and Cash Balance. The Profile widget also has quick links to important pages such as point history, Support and Account Management.

  • The Communication widget allows you to quickly see all of your messages. You will also be able to send new messages from this widget.

  • The Friends List widget allows you to add, remove and manage your friends on Millennial Esports.


  • Once you have a scheduled match, contact your opponent in game and begin playing your match following the match rules found in the match card.

  • If you suspect that your opponent is cheating you will need to capture evidence of your opponent cheating. This includes photo’s and video evidence. Once your have captured enough evidence of your opponent cheating, create a support ticket and include your evidence. Our customer support team will review your issue and get back to you as quickly as possible.

  • A support ticket used when you need to contact our customer support with any issue. Once you have created and submitted your ticket one of our customer support agents will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can create and view all of your tickets under the “Support” tab on the top right hand side of any page of the site.

  • Once you have completed your match you will need to report the result of the match. From the match card select either “I Won”, or “I Lost” to confirm the results of your match.

  • To cancel a match that has been scheduled you will need to use the “Request Cancel” button on the top left hand side of the match card. This will send a request to have the match cancelled to your opponent. If your opponent agrees to cancel the match your match will be cancelled.

  • If you would like to dispute the results of a match simply select the dispute button on the match card page. You will need to fill out the dispute form with any details and evidence you have may have. One of our customer support agents will get back to as quickly as possible.

  • When necessary, photo or video evidence of your results may be needed to verify the results of your match. A photo of the score, or video of the end result of the match showing your opponents is enough to verify the results of your match.

  • Reputation is a reflection of the type of gamer you are on The better your “Rep”, the more likely people will want to play against you.

  • Reputation is automatically calculated based on various actions taken by the user on
    You can gain “Rep” by playing matches, conceding matches when you lose, and accepting cancellation requests.
    You can lose “Rep” for requesting cancellations, wrongly disputing matches, and wrongly claiming a win.

  • When selecting a ticket type from the support tab, choose "A Match" and then find your match in the drop down box of your recent matches listed below. Your Match ID can also be found by going to your match card located in your match history from your Team page.

  • Quick match allows members/teams to find a match much faster than posting/looking for a game via the “Post Match” function. The system automatically matches you against other teams who are searching in that specific gamemode. Essentially this system is just a short cut to get you into games fast! It is important to note that “Quick Match” is only available for Ladder play.

  • Depending on whether you’re competing in a Ladder or Tournament there are two methods to get gaming. The first way is to use our “Quick Match”, which allows our matchmaking system to find a game for you; this method is only available for Ladder play. The second way to find a match is to use the “Post Match” option to create an open match for the community to accept.

  • A support ticket is used when you need to contact our customer support with any issue. Once you have created and submitted your ticket one of our customer support agents will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can create and view all of your tickets under the “Support” tab on the bottom of any page of the site.

  • Posting a Match is a simple process that allows users to have control over when they want to play. To post a match you must be the captain or co-captain of a team. When viewing the Ladder you’re competing in, you will see a “Post Match” button located above the “Quick Match” option to the left of the chat lobby. Once you are in a match, you cannot post another match until 15 minutes from the start time of the previous match.