$1,500 Singles Playoff Rules

Record your victory to ensure you get the win and keep everything fair, capture your match results to avoid any disputes. Click a platform below to check out the best practices for recording your evidence.

Playstation 4 Xbox One


    • Double Elimination
    • January 23, 2016
    • 3:00 PM EST Start
    • Best of 3 until Semi Finals
    • Best of 5 Semis & Finals.
  • Maps & Modes

     **Failing to use the correct game settings may result in a forfeit. If the match is ended before any significant gameplay is reached, at the discretion of the admin the match may be restarted.**

    Arena Slayer:




    The Rig



    Gametype Settings:

    Any setting not listed below should remain in its default state


    Score to Win: 15

    Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle

    Secondary Weapon: Magnum

    Time: 12 Minutes

    Rounds: 1

    Lives: Unlimited

    Placed Powerups: ON

    Motion Sensor: Off

    *Settings are subject to change, be sure to check back often.

    1. It is both teams’ responsibility to verify the eligibility of both teams rosters and all players playing in the match prior to starting a match. Any team playing with an ineligible player will forfeit the match.
    2. The only players eligible to play in the match are the players from the team roster. Once a match is confirmed, the eligible players from both teams will be displayed on the match card.
    3. All gamertags on a team’s roster must be valid. All gamertags must match the gamertags seen on the match card.
    4. Teams have 10 minutes from the scheduled start time to replace any ineligible players with an eligible substitute from the team’s roster.
    5. In the even that your opponent has an ineligible player, please submit a ticket to customer support along with any valid proof showing the ineligible player.
    6. Team rosters will lock 2 weeks prior to the end of the season at which point no player can be added or removed from the team’s roster.
    1. Teams have 10 minutes from the scheduled start time to be ready and begin the match. For a team to be considered ready, all members must be present and ready to play. In the event that one team is not ready to play after 10 minutes, the team that is ready to play may submit a no show result. The higher ranked team is required to invite the lower ranked team to the match.
    2. Do not report that you have won the match. To receive a no show win, you will need to submit a match issue within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time. If you have any evidence, be sure to submit it in your ticket.
    1. In the event of a disconnect prior to the first kill of the match, the match is to be restarted.
    2. If a player disconnects from the map while their team is losing that map, the team automatically receives a loss for that map.
    3. If a player disconnects from the match while they are winning that map, the match must be replayed from the point of disconnect. The point of disconnect refers to the score of the map at the time of disconnect. For example if the score is 2 for team A and 1 for team B, then the match is to be replayed with the team A leading by a score of 2 to 1.
    1. If you need to cancel a match prior to the scheduled start time of a match, simply open the match card and select the ‘Request Cancel’ button on the top left hand side of the match card. You will then be prompted to enter your reason for cancelling the match. A notification will appear on your screen indicating whether your opponent accepted or refused your request to cancel the match.
    1. Both teams are responsible for reporting the match within 15 minutes of its completion. If neither team reports the results of the match within 24 hours, the match will be cancelled.  Both teams are awarded (bonus XP for reporting the match results.) If your opponents report incorrect match results you will need to dispute the match results.  Both teams are required to submit a ticket to support including any valid proof. Match disputes may take up to 3 hours to be resolved.
    2. Teams that fail to report matches and or intentionally dispute match results will be penalized. Intentionally disputing match results is defined as reporting match results that the player knows to be false.
    3. Teams found intentionally reporting the loss for a match without playing the match or found reporting the win prior to playing or completing the match will be penalized.
    4. All matches must be reported correctly. Any issues during or post match must be reported once the match is completed.  You can then submit a ticket with valid proof to be verified by our customer support team.
    1. To submit a ticket prior to the start of a match, simply go to the support page by selecting the ‘Support’ tab on the top right hand side of the screen. From there you can crate and submit a ticket to customer support. You can track all you open tickets from the support page as well.
    2. In the event that your opponent reports incorrect or false match results, you will be asked to confirm of dispute those reported results. If you choose to dispute the results your opponent has reported you will be prompted to fill out the dispute form. Select the reason for disputing and add any additional information. Please add any evidence you have to have your issue resolved as quickly as possible.
    3. If the match results have been set and you would like to dispute those results you can do this by selecting the ‘Submit an Issue’ link on the top left hand side of the match card. You will be prompted to fill out a match ticket form. Select your reason for disputing and add any additional information. Please add any evidence you have to have your issue resolved as quickly as possible.
    4. You can contact customer support at any time using the “Support” tab on the top right hand side of any page of the site. Select your issue, the subject of your ticket and tell us everything you can about your issue. Attach any evidence to you have to have your issue resolved as quickly as possible. You can view any of your current and past tickets from the same “Support” tab.
    1. All proof submitted in your ticket must be for the match in question. Incorrect evidence will delay your issue form being resolved.
    2. You can attach all evidence when submitting your ticket as an attachment or URL link.
    3. Your evidence must be clear and concise. The best forms of evidence are video and photo evidence that include the date, time, all player names, final score and your issue.
    4. For all cheating or glitching claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser.
  • Reporting incorrect results

    The act of intentionally reporting incorrect results for your matches

    • First Offence: 24 hour suspension
    • Second Offence: 48 Hour suspension, 50 ME Points deducted
    • Third + Offence: Account Closure


    Any attempt to earn wins without playing your match will be considered boosting. The use of multiple accounts to play against yourself will be considered boosting. Any matches against friends or family may be voided at the discretion of the ME staff.

    • First Offence: 48 hour suspension, minimum of 500 ME Points deducted (Calculated based on number boosted games)
    • Second Offence: 7 day suspension, minimum of 1000 ME Points deducted (Calculated based on number boosted games)
    • Third + Offence: Account Closure

    Verbal harassment of ME users or Staff

    The use of abusive, violent, insulting, indecent, lewd, slanderous, pornographic, threatening and harassing language of any kind towards other ME users or Staff.

    • First Offence: 24 Hour suspension, 50 ME Points deducted
    • Second Offence: 3 day suspension, 200 ME Points deducted
    • Third + Offence: Minimum 7 days suspension, 500 ME Points deducted