Premium Membership

Premium Only Tournaments

Gain Exclusive access to premium only cash prize tournaments. Check Postings Here

Point Multiplier

Take full advantage of the our point system by accumulating points at faster rate to redeem in our shop for fantastic prizes! Click here to learn more about our points system

V.I.P. Treatment

Jump to the front of the line with all match and support issues!

Premium Membership Includes

  • As a Premium member, you will gain access to all Premium Only Tournaments!

    Check out posted tournaments Here!

  • Have a issue or dispute with your match? No problem! All premium member support tickets are prioritized before all other non-premium members.

  • Being premium allows you to gain our points at double the rate! All premium members gain 4 points for a win (2 for non-premium) and 1 point for a loss (0 for non-premium).

  • Put all those hard earned points to use and redeem your points in our online shop for some sweet gaming gear!

  • Receive an exclusive badge displaying your premium status throughout the entire Millennial Esports community.

  • Gain access to all premium achievements, milestones and the bragging rights that come with it. Not to mention, another

    chunk of points for every one you earn!