How it Works

  1. Select the game and Throwdown lobby you wish to compete in.
  2. Create your team.
  3. Wager your ME Points! Directly Challenge a player or team from the lobby or post an open match for the community to accept!


  • Throwdown’s allow you to challenge an opponent to a one-on-one or team match for ME Points. Winner takes all!

  • Points are reward points that can be redeemed for prizes in the Shop. ME points can be accumulated in many ways, but are mainly rewarded each time you compete in a ME match. The more you play, the more points you accumulate.

  • You can wager up to 100 ME Points per match!

  • ME Points are earned with every match you win, so you’ll have to play in some tournaments or ladder matches to earn points. Premium members earn bonus points for their wins and also points for their loses! Additionally, unlocking achievements and milestones earn your bonus points!

  • When your team wins a Throwdown match, the player who wagered their points has their points returned, and the remaining prize is divided equally amongst the players who played the match

  • For games on ME that don’t use auto validation there will be a requirement for you to report your own wins or losses in order to validate your match. To ensure you get the win and keep everything fair, capture your match results to avoid any disputes!

  • By winning of course! You can be promoted or demoted based on your recent performances which will determine the Rank you belong to: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

  • Whether you win or lose is ultimately up to you and your performance in any given match, regardless of your skill and that of your opponent. Statistically speaking, if you play against a member with an equal rank you will have an equal chance of winning. It’s important to take into account your opponents entire profile, including their total number of games played. A member who is just starting out on Millennial Esports may not have played enough games yet to get an accurate rank rating.

  • Only the Captain or Co-Captain of a team can accept or directly challenge other Throwdown teams

  • Upon victory, the Captain or Co-Captain who wagered their points for the Throwdown match will have their entry fee points refunded while the remaining prize points will be divided equally among all participating team members of the completed match.

  • Points can be redeemed for items in the Shop. Check out what’s in stock Here